Our vision

We stand for progress in human living standards. The restoration and preservation of our nature and environment is a basic principle here. Our solutions are green, sustainable and social. We work entirely digitally, with green energy and people with a (social) disadvantage in the labour market and the global economy. In this way we strive to be solution-oriented with a green and social agenda.

Step by step, we want to make a positive contribution to our society. We do not do this alone, but together with all our relations. We serve a diverse customer portfolio both nationally and internationally.  Diversity in our team, our customers and our partners make up our organization

We join forces with those of our customers and help organizations turn wishes into action, information into insights and actions into results. Creating added value is what we do it for! We seek alignment with the various development goals as defined by the United Nations. Building a better future for everyone together.

How do we do that?

1. Outsourcing of work to the underprivileged

2. Helping the underprivileged earn an income through work

3. Create good working conditions for employees

4. Intensive on-the-job training for employees

5. Diversity in hiring policies

6. Supporting water and sanitation projects

7. Renewable energy sources and energy consumption within the organization

8. Market-based development and remuneration for employees

9. Continuous innovation in our services

10. Making the underprivileged self-employed

11. Supporting sustainable projects of relation by means of link

12. Use of sustainable products

13. Managing a neutral 'Footprint’

14. Creating awareness within our organization

15. Creating awareness and spreading it externally

16. Legal department with pro bono activities

17. Multiple cooperation partners at each objective level

Building a better future together

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